import variable products using manual attributes

Variable products can be created using regular attributes or by manual attributes. Manual attributes are attributes that are created and exists only within your product. How to import variable products using regular attributes is explained here.

Manual attributes work almost the same as regular attributes. To set them up you goto CSV Import -> Settings and fill them as a comma separated list in the manual variation attributes and press save. When you enter them here, they are available in your header dropdown fields.

If you create the manual attributes color and size you can try the example file.

Some things are different:

  • manual_variations instead of variations
  • manual_default_attributes instead of default_attributes
  • ma_xxxxx instead of pa_xxxxx
  • for manual attributes, you always have to list all your values on master level

This file has the exact same examples as in the example file for variable products using regular attributes. But now they are in the manual columns. After the import, the manual attribute of sku4 will look like:
And the variations look like: