Import featured image and product gallery

This is the definition according to the Woocommerce documentation:

The featured post image is the main image for your product. It is the image which will be displayed within your product loops (IE on product categories, up sells, related products etc) and the initial focus of the image gallery on your product details page. Product galleries simply display all images attached to a product, with the Featured Image being the primary image.

So in short, featured image is the main image ( only one ) and your product gallery is one or more images.

Images can be imported in two ways:

  • Using a valid URL ( cURL ┬áneeds to be installed )
  • Using a file name lookup in media manager

The header fields are featured_image, product_gallery and values would look like image.jpg or If you want to use url’s and in the case of multiple images you can seperate them by a pipe image.jpg|another_image.jpg|and_another.jpg.