Import custom fields

Custom fields are fields that are used to store meta data of a product. They can hold regular values or complex arrays. They are used by many plugins to store additional data. Yoast SEO stores SEO data in them, Woocommerce stores prices and stock and lots of other stuff. Enter the custom fields you want to import as a comma separated list in the settings section. Example: custom field,additional data,_yoast_seo_title these fields will than be added to the dropdown’s in the header section so they are available to map.

If you add simple_value,simple_array,complex_array theĀ example CSV will work.

custom fields settings

In your CSV you can have regular values or complex arrays. Simple values are stored like : value. To create array use the pipe separator value1|value2|value3 If you need key value pairs you can do like this: key->value|key->value|key->value

Sometimes the custom fields are made invisible. To do this add an underscore to the custom field name. _this_is_not_visible.