Import categories and tags

Categories – category

To import one or multiple categories the Woocommerce csv importer has it’s own syntax. To make add a child use the -> and to have multiple use the pipe | as separator.

If you have a product that you want to belong to the following categories:


And you want you product to belong to Thor and Catwoman you would have this: superheroes->marvel->thor|superheroes->dc->catwoman. If the category exists it will be linked, if the category does not exists, it will be created.

Be sure to check out the settings page for this setting: add product to all categories

If you enable this, products will be added to all categories on not only the latest. Example cat1->subcat1 , if the option is enabled, the product belongs to both else it will only belong to the sub category.

Tag – tags

Tags are almost the same as the category except they have no hierarchy. You can have multiple using the pipe separator. Example: tag1|tag2|tag3|tag4

For more information check the woocommerce documentation.