Something went wrong. We could not make a connection with the server.

something-went-wrongSometime people mail me what they can do when they get an alert box with “Something went wrong. We could not make a connection with the server.” This means that the import tries to run it’s next batch and it received an error back from the server. These errors can have multiple origins. Below is a list of the ones i encountered till now and possible solution.

There is still a row holding invalid data

Try to import your CSV file in a different order. Or try to import split up your CSV file in smaller files and see at what row it happens.

Other plugins

You might have a security plugin that prevents ajax request after a certain amount of request per minute. Or you some plugin or theme that are throwing notices or errors. To test this you can try it on a clean install without any plugins and with a neutral theme. Also enabling debug and errors in php and wordpress can help you resolve this.

Your hosting party prevents multiple ajax request

Lots of hosting parties have limits. They prevent more than x amount of requests per minute to not overload a server or for what ever other reason. In this case you can contact you hosting provider and ask they can raise the limit or setup your own VPS.

Other possibilities for “Something went wrong” errors

Always make sure that:

  • your WordPress and woocommerce ( in fact all ) plugins are up to date
  • make sure your theme does not use old templates ( )
  • you have a time-out on your server, set the amount of rows to process simultaneous to 1