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delete products after import in woocommerce

Sometimes you want to delete products that are in Woocommerce that where not imported in the last CSV. This is needed a lot just to delete them because the become obsolete. With this add-on you can do that. Just enable it and it will out all products that where not in your CSV on status trash. With this […]

Change comma to dots products Woocommerce

Sometimes you have a CSV that has comma’s as a decimal separator. While importing the decimails will be cut off. To fix this, you can either change your CSV or use this small add-on i created to work together with the free importer. woocommerce-csvimport-convertprice After you install it you can enable it in CSV Import->convert […]

Import variable products add-on version 2

There is a new version of the add-on to import variable products. It’s now possible to control all features like is visible on frontpage and is used for variation. The way to make use of the new fields is variation->is_visible->is_used_for_variation. If you look at this example color->1->1|size->1->0, we have 2 attributes. Color is visible and […]